Writing a Facebook note can be a great way to start a discussion with friends about life’s big decisions or moments. What’s not always so great is creating a note or going back to one you already started.

Want to make something bold? You need to know the HTML tag for that. Want to work on an earlier draft? You have to navigate a bunch of links to get to your draft.

We’re changing all of that so it’s quicker and easier to create and find your notes and the notes from the people around you. We’ve rolled out a new layout and features for Facebook Notes. Now you can:

  • Format notes more easily with a familiar text editor. Stop looking up HTML for common formatting like bold, italics, bulleted and numbered lists, or indented quotes. Instead just click the formatting icons as you write a note.

  • Tag that special non-profit you believe in or that musician you’re raving about in a note. We’ve added tagging of Facebook Pages—such as celebrities, interests and activities. As with tags of friends, tags of Pages will appear in a box on the note’s page. When viewing Notes from a Facebook Page, you can browse notes in which that Page has been tagged by one of your friends or by people who shared their note with “everyone.”
  • Find more relevant notes through a cleaner layout. A common left-hand menu includes links to your note, notes about yourself, your drafts and easy ways to find notes about friends and Pages.

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