Daily Tweet ImageTwitter is an ever-expanding source of fascinating information. More than just news and updates, there is also another, more fun side of Twitter that is sometimes overlooked.

You can use the real-time micro-blogging service to get a daily dose of education, entertainment, or something in between. Whether you want to expand your vocab, discover new music, be inspired, or just view a cute bunny on a daily basis, TwitterTwittercan help.

Read on for our suggestions of 20 fun accounts to check out (dependent on your personal taste, of course) and let us know of any other recommendations you have in the comments box below.

This account offers daily culinary inspiration, including mouth-watering recipes and handy kitchen-themed tips. Yum!

2. Joke_OTD

Enjoy a daily groan with some seriously corny jokes. If you’re a Star Wars fan, you might also want to check out the Star Wars-themed jokes account. Here’s a sample one for you:

Q: How did Darth Vader know when Obi-Wan Kenobi was getting a haircut?

A: He felt a trimmer in the Force…

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species offers daily factsheets via Twitter about threatened species, so you can brush up on both your zoology and conservationism knowledge all in one hit.

Do you want a cutesome fluffy cat in your Twitter stream each day? Then go get it, tiger!

Anyone with an interest in keeping fit will find this Twitter account’s daily advice useful.

We all love a bit of trivia. This Twitter account will deliver you a daily dose.

There are a ton of quote-themed accounts on Twitter, but this is one of our faves. It republishes user-suggested content, making for a wider range of interesting quotes.

This is a cool Twitter account to follow as it will help you discover new indie music. It offers a new song every day; more than enough to stop your music collection going stale. If your tastes don’t lean to the Indie scene then NewSongoftheDay offers a more mainstream alternative.

The Chilean gamer behind this account takes time to suggest one cool video game a day. Perfect for anyone trying to find more ways to waste time at work.

Need we say more?

This NASA-backed account offers a daily pic of our universe along with an explanation from an astronomer. If you can’t get enough of this imagery, there’s also the Daily Galaxy account to consider.

It’s not easy being a parent, and although Twitter isn’t going to give you all the answers, this account can offer advice, tips and suggestions.

This account is great for any aspiring shutterbugs as it sets “daily shooting assignments” to inspire and motivate people to get out and shoot — and then share their results. If you’re more interested in viewing the results than doing the snapping, also consider the Daily Photo account.

Fido-fans can enjoy a dog a day from this account with links to pics and stories of pooches, many of them rescued, making for some heart-warming tales (or should that be tails?)

Sure, you could serve your guests that Grey Goose you’ve been hoarding in the freezer -straight up, in a glass – but where’s the fun in that? Learn a new mixed drink recipe each day by following this Twitter account.

We like the simplicity of this vocab-enhancing account. You can also check out the A Word of the Day account, or for geeky types, there’s a Leet Word a day account.

17. Make Tips

Make magazine offers regular tips to help with your DIY projects. Sister account CRAFT Tips can also help.

18. tinywords

Tinywords delivers a daily dollop of micro-poetry. If you prefer writing your own, then check Baffledfor a daily Haiku challenge.

Anyone with green leanings will enjoy this account’s eco-themed daily imagery.

We’ve saved a fun one for last. This account literally offers up one “cool thing” on a daily basis; ranging from photography, video, art, history, gaming, toys, geekery, etc. Anything goes — as long as it’s cool!
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